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23 November 2015 @ 02:37 am
winter starmap  
skies alight and bats in flight
soft whistles of thousands of faraway stars

whispers on breezes, the secrets of trees,
voice messages into empty glass jars

counting pebbles, counting stars,
counting distance, counting time

voices carried on the stream,
nonsense, nonsense, childlike rhyme

slither in and hold your breath
you'll find you will not, cannot drown drown

you'll hear the fish's melodies
(as silence is but darkened sound)

i've been dreaming for days
upon days
upon days
i've been walking liquid mirrors

i've heard a dozen stories from
the snail shells from the river

how to travel back in time?
i sometimes forget to remember

but then I sleep for days and days
and recall by every year's November

all that ever will be has been
that is how we read the future

the truths that crawl below the skin
in dreams, are gnawing at the sutures



and repetition

a premonition

prayers to my guiding stars,
my modest propositions

and yet

every wish i make comes true
beyond my modest superstitions

and yet

streets alight and bats in flight
the city's full of noise, and noise

smoke and sparkles, bright, too bright
the veil consumes to ash, destroyed

the map spinning 'round is a circle, remember?
everything that will be was

and what has been will be again