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30 April 2015 @ 02:55 pm
summer starmap  

how to travel back in time?
...I only ever played pretend



counting pebbles
counting stars...
counting little,
grains of

not with numbers,
not with words,
but the memory of infinite turns of the hand

days, white haze and dusty breezes
sparkles, glare, and seasonal sneezes

nights, so heavy, hot and haunted
by everything we ever wanted

I've lived a thousand years

I am the ghost of summer

I now
know how

to disappear


time folds

like paper

that is all it ever was:

a note tucked away in somebody's pocket
washed out by a swim in the ocean of tears


become symbol

of the universe alive between
the spaces in between our ears

hearts like anchors
hearts like wings

the undercurrents pull,
and stars
suspend our lives with lights like string

how to travel back in time,
hold the symbol (once the map)

the only route is a circle, remember?
there is no direction or track

Photos are mine, as usual, edited with several apps by Brainfever.