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20 March 2015 @ 01:38 am
bottles and knots  
stars and salt water
in all of our eyes

flickers of static
stitches in time

in our hearts
and our heads

letters and letters
that won't always rhyme

I wrote ten thousand letters now
I tie them to my fish's tails

I drank the river, cried the sea
set tiny paper ships a sail

tied anchors
on ankles

tied strings
around scrolls

tied bows on my fingers
and bows on my neck

tied charms to my hair and words to my ears
so I'd remember not to forget

typed symbols, in scrambles,
a message, in code

tied language
in scribbles and nonsense and noise

and sang
into a bottle.

a telegraph
from a distant star

a memory
only in melody recalled

you loved like the ocean
you loved like the sky

hearts like anchors,
hearts like wings

the wave, it pulls us down and under,
the highest ice clouds sings

in my lungs
salt water

and sand in my eyes

weeds and stars
and letters dissolved

...but I do know what it's like to fly

I wrote ten thousand letters
and have thousands more to send

how to travel back in time?
...I only ever played pretend