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08 January 2013 @ 11:32 pm
The sky turns pink
turns orange
turns purple
turns black

every once in a while,
I grow tired, so tired
of myself.

who is this person i've known my whole life,
so predictable, so disappointing?

you will never step out of your skin, you know
you can never become invisible,
not while you have a body

only give names and voices to the people you want to be
become one
for a moment
and give names to the people you don't want to be
and destroy them

but you realize,
they all live through the same mess of a manuscript
of a person

looking up at the stars
to dream of stars
and write about stars,
to dance between walls
and on pages
to remember and pretend
that there is always something to go back to
that this body is home,

when you never even left
never even moved